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ASLEF give LU management pay deadline.Sort deal by February 10th or we ballot for action !

ASLEF reps on London Underground have once again unanimously rejected the companies pay offer. A packed meeting of reps from across the combine voted to support the negotiating team and the ASLEF Executive Committee who have given London Underground management a deadline of February 10th to make an acceptable offer or face a ballot for industrial action.

It is now more than a year since we submitted our pay claim. Management cannot be allowed to drag the process on indefinitely while refusing to engage with key parts of our claim.

Neither of the alternative proposals that management have made match our members expectations of an RPI plus pay increase and a reduction in working hours. So far, management have flatly refused to even enter into discussions on closing the unfair pay gap between drivers on London Underground and those on London Overground and Crossrail/ TfL rail.

A 34 hour working week is now standard on mainline rail. Pay for Underground drivers has fallen well below that on comparable companies. ASLEF is the only union prepared to fight for a fair deal for drivers.

After a year of talks, it is clear that if we want a fair settlement, we will have to show we are prepared to fight for it.

Unless an acceptable offer is made by February 10th, ASLEF will start the process of balloting our members for action.

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