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ASLEF demand answers on the future of Night Tube.

Since the start of the pandemic our reps and members on London Underground have worked flexibly and constructively to ensure that the best and safest service possible is provided. This included an agreement on secondments for Night Tube drivers that provided an extra resource to the company as they have been available to work up to three additional days per week in addition to their contractual hours.

This was envisioned as a relatively short-term arrangement, but it seems that no decision has yet been made by management about the future of Night Tube services. This had meant that our members have continued to work a very unsatisfactory pattern of three day shifts and two night shifts. This is clearly not sustainable. It is extremely fatiguing and could create risks to health if continued in the long term.

ASLEF believe that it is now long past time that a decision was made on the future of Night Tube services. Staff deserve to know what the future holds and how management plans will impact on them. If Night Tube services are not to resume in the immediate future, our position is that Night Tube drivers who wish to do so should move to full time roles while protecting those who wish to remain on their current contracts.

We want an urgent response from management on this issue. ASLEF are raising this directly with both senior management at TfL and with the Mayor. It is not fair to leave staff in such a protracted period of uncertainty.

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