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ASLEF H&S reps deliver real results !

Time and again after relentless efforts ASLEF have succeeded in winning many issues and items. Unfortunately others often try take credit for these despite never balloting or pushing those issues until they have effectively been resolved, a few recent wins are;

  • ‘J’ door lock – ASLEF balloted our members and pushed this item despite being dismissed by the RMT. As a result of this action extensive security improvements for drivers are soon to be rolled out across the combine.

  • Fatigue – ASLEF has pushed this issue for a number of years, making the case for the ‘service over safety’ culture to stop. Train Operators are now able to report being fatigued and not made to choose between ‘booking on and ‘booking of sick’.

  • Noise and dust – ASLEF continued to pursue the issue arguing the measurements produced by LU were not acceptable to us, we now have dust masks and ear defenders issued as a result.

  • Track conditions – ASLEF told LU that it wasn’t acceptable to force drivers to

operate in ATO where track conditions were very poor. We’ve made LU accept that drivers may operate in coded manual in these areas and further advised LU of the potential consequences if any drivers are disciplined.

  • Pan TfL security – As we are all aware violent crime in London has risen significantly and as front line operational staff we have become the forefront of assistance. We led the case that policing must improve within the transport industry, as must safety for our members. Because of this TfL has provided commitments that will soon be introduced.

  • Lone working – as Train Operators this is how we work, but being sent to deal with persons behaving inappropriately has now been stopped, it should never have happened in the first place and when we became aware we stopped this immediately, for ALL staff.

  • Person ill on train (PIOT')s – it was ASLEF again who stopped the practice of forcing Train Operators to move trains to ‘parking bays’ where any action were to be taken.

Support your union; Support your colleagues!

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