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  • Finn Brennan ASLEF District Organiser.

Tramlink; Implementation of pay deal.

ASLEF reps met with Tramlink management yesterday (September 24th) to discuss details of the implementation of the pay deal.

The following was confirmed;

  • The initial pay increase of 3.2% will be in the next pay packet due early October;

  • Back pay, including all overtime since Nov 2018 will be in the following pay packet at the end of October;

  • The payment of £1000 for all qualified drivers will be in the November pay;

  • The further pay rise of 3.2% or RPI will apply from November. As the Nov RPI rate is published in December, this will be applied from the January pay packet and backdated including all overtime in the following payment.

In addition any trainee driver who started prior to November will receive the current rate, not the training rate.

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