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  • Finn Brennan ASLEF District Organiser.

London Underground 2.5% pay offer is just not good enough.

Today, London Underground finally made an initial pay offer after six meetings where ASLEF and the other trade unions went through our pay and conditions claims in detail.

Even though London Underground generates a huge surplus of around a billion pounds a year, management say that this money is required for investment and to subsidise other parts of the TfL group.

The offer they have made today of a 2.5% pay rise means that there would be no improvement in members living standards as it simply matches the RPI inflation rate and falls way below the ASLEF claim which is set out below.

We want to see a real improvement in wages and conditions not simply stand still.

The company have also refused to make any offer on the condition’s items listed in the unions claims. They do not want to increase the payments for boxing day, give extra annual leave or travel concessions, paid meal reliefs or a reduction in the working week.

Your ASLEF negotiating team will now report to members on this offer which we believe is unacceptable and then decide on the next steps .

A full report will be given at your ASLEF branch meeting.

The 2019 ASLEF pay and conditions claim

  • A reduction in standard working hours to an average 32-hour 4-day week for full time staff and a pro-rata reduction for those on part time and reduced hours contract;

  • A substantial increase in pay above the RPI rate of inflation to reflect the pressure and high costs of working in London;

  • Improvements in work-life balance opportunities giving all staff the option to reduce their working hours or number of days worked on a pro-rata basis;

  • Improvements in travel facilities with as a next step, extension of staff pass validity to all services where Oyster Cards are accepted;

  • All duties to include a paid meal break of at least 30 minutes.

In addition to the items above, ASLEF have also identified that while London Underground claims to provide salaries at or above market rates, this is clearly not the case for Train Driving grades, including Instructor Operators, Night Tube and part time and reduced hours Train Operators. The Train Operator and associate grades rate of pay on London Underground is now substantially below that on other similar networks including the TfL operated concessions of London Overground and TfL Rail.

For this reason, ASLEF are seeking, for our driving grades members;

  • An additional increase in salary above and in addition to, the cost of living claim above, to bring train operators on London Underground to the appropriate salary level for driving grades in the London region.

  • An increase in the current level of payment for drivers working on Boxing Day (Dec 26th) from 2019. This payment has remained static since it was introduced and needs to be substantially increased to provide an appropriate incentive and reward to those who volunteer to work. It should also increase in line with pay awards for future years.

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