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  • Finn Brennan ASLEF District Organiser.

Underground Pay and Conditions talks start this week.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, ASLEF and the other trade unions will meet London Underground Directors to discuss our pay and conditions claim for 2019. You can see our full claim here. Our priorities are to achieve a real pay rise for all our members as well as improvements in conditions. We have a longstanding policy of reducing working hours towards a 4 day 32 hour week, having a paid meal relief on all duties and improving travel benefits and we want to see progress on all these issues. But ASLEF will also be making it clear that we want to close the unfair pay gap between London Underground drivers and those on other TfL branded services. Drivers on London Overground are now on a salary of £60,794 while TfL rail (Elizabeth Line) drivers earn over £59,000. Of course there are differences in working agreements between companies, but a 4 day week is now standard for most train companies. London Underground drivers should not be left behind. We will report to members regularly on progress in the talks and regular updates will be given at your local branch meeting. Every member is welcome to attend and express your opinion on the issues that affect you. Come along and have your say on the things that matter to you at work.

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