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Vote Yes for safe driving cabs !

ASLEF members on London Underground will ballot for strike action to force London Underground management to take the issue of drivers cab security seriously.

Our reps have been pushing management to address this issue for many years. We first raised it in the machinery of negotiation back in 2015 and have done so again on at least 15 separate occasions.

Management have repeatedly stalled and procrastinated rather than work with us to find a viable solution to the problem. We understand that cabs need to be accessible as an emergency escape route but designing and implementing a technical solution would be neither difficult or expensive.

There have been repeated incidents where members of the public have entered drivers’ cabs. Drivers are left alone and vulnerable with no protection. It is just a matter of time before someone is seriously physically injured. Underground Head office buildings are equipped with security guards and barriers to protect the offices where senior managers work. But our workplaces, train cabs, can be easily accessed by anyone!

At the request of local branches across the combine, the ASLEF Executive Committee has now decided to give London Underground notice that we will ballot our members for strike action. This is an issue that effects every driver on every line. We need to send a clear message to management that our safety at work is something that we are prepared to take action for. A large Yes vote is the only way to make management take this issue seriously and act to make cabs secure.

Please make sure that ASLEF has your correct address and contact details, so we have the largest possible ballot return. Information on the start date of the ballot will be confirmed as soon as possible.

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