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Don't be kept in the dark ! ASLEF Open Meeting for Night Tube Drivers.

Night Tube drivers do a difficult and stressful job; often left alone to cope with the problems of an all night service. While senior managers are tucked up in their beds, Night Tube staff handle drunks, a huge rise in passenger accidents, and have to deal alone with threatening and dangerous incidents.

ASLEF is campaigning to improve conditions for all Night Tube Drivers. We want to make sure you have better security, more back up when you need it, proper mess facilities and fair access to full time roles.

Your ASLEF senior negotiators and Health and Safety reps want to hear from NT drivers about your key concerns and issues and how you want them addressed. We have organised an open forum meeting for Night Tube drivers and those planning to go into the job where you can meet colleagues, speak to senior reps and get answers to your questions.

Please come along if you can.

Night Tube Drivers Open Meeting

Tuesday July 24th

14.00 to 16.00

Upstairs Room Lucas Arms

245a Gray's Inn Road


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