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  • Finn Brennan

Acton District strike date changed.

ASLEF have received a letter from London Underground that questions the statutory notification they have been given of the industrial action due to take place at Acton Town next week.

As you know the anti-trade union laws mean there are a huge number of grounds on which employers can challenge any action taken by trade unions, as we fight to protect our members. These laws are designed to prevent unions from taking effective action.

To ensure that the lawfulness of your action cannot be legally challenged, the ASLEF Executive Committee has decided to withdraw the notification of strike action for March 28th. All members should report for duty as normal on that date.

London Underground have not been prepared to talk with us at any time over the last six weeks to find a way to resolve this dispute. Now it seems they just want to prevent you from being able to take action. But there can only be a fair settlement if management are ready to talk.

Our members at Acton District voted by 98% in favour of strike action. London Underground need to recognise that strength of feeling

ASLEF have now sent London Underground a new notification of industrial action. Our members at Acton District will now not book for duty between 00.01 and 23.59 on Wednesday April 11th.

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