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Don’t close our canteens!

ASLEF Head Office have written to LU Directors for an urgent meeting to discuss their plans to close the staff canteen at Harrow. Your ASLEF local and Trains Council reps have strongly opposed the plan to remove the only canteen at a meal relief point on the Met line, but management are refusing to change their position.

Management claim that they need to close Harrow canteen because of the redevelopment work at the station. But they refuse to consider either relocating the canteen or adjusting duties so that grub could be taken at Baker Street or Wembley Park. This would also increase income for those canteens.

Everyone should be able to access a hot meal during their break. ASLEF believe London Underground should be extending canteen opening hours, not closing them down!

The massive hole in TfL’s budget left by the removal of the operating subsidy is creating a penny-pinching culture and a push to remove basic facilities. Your Trains Council reps pointed out that facilities should not be removed without agreement and there should be a “like for like” replacement.

Management need to honour this agreement. A full report will be given at Neasden and Rickmansworth branch meetings so that members can discuss our next step if management refuse to do so.

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