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LU managements’ “goodwill gesture” short changes Night Tube drivers.

This morning (Monday December 4th) ASLEF met LU management to try to resolve the dispute over the “leapfrogging” of Night Tube drivers. Management acknowledge that they have broken the agreement reached earlier this year on access to full time roles. ASLEF told them that the only fair way to resolve the issue is to pay each of the leap frogged drivers the money they have lost. Many drivers have lost large amounts of money by being unfairly denied the opportunity to go full time. But LU are only prepared to offer token “goodwill” payments instead of paying the full amount people are owed. Instead of the three days salary owed for each week a move to a full time position was delayed, they intend to pay just one day per week. ASLEF believes that this is simply not good enough. We believe that agreements made have to be honoured and that every leapfrogged driver should be paid what they are owed. Managements’ plan amounts to short changing and ripping off their own staff. Unfortunately despite Night Tube drivers overwhelmingly voting in favour of strike action to put this injustice right, the turnout was not sufficient to meet the threshold set under the Tories new anti- trade union laws. That means we can not lawfully call strike action at this time. There is not the slightest doubt that London Underground have only been forced to make this “goodwill gesture” and to move Night Tube drivers to their proper full time roles because ASLEF balloted our members We will now consult with reps and members on the next steps in this dispute. Once again, ASLEF was the only trade union prepared to fight for a fair deal for drivers and to insist that agreements made be honoured. That is a principle that we will never give up on.

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