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  • Finn Brennan

TfL should stop trying to mislead about the reasons for tube dispute.

From reports in the press, it’s clear that TfL are trying to mislead people about the reasons behind our dispute.

There are four key issues in the dispute; reducing weekend working; giving drivers the option to reduce the numbers of shifts they work on a pro-rata basis; the option of four-day week rosters for those who want to volunteer for them; and improving career development and promotional opportunities.

The pay deal agreed between ASLEF and London Underground was for a reduction in weekend working over the length of the deal and that has not been delivered on. While there has been a marginal decrease at depots where Night Tube services has been introduced most drivers have not seen any benefit with no reduction at all on the Sub-Surface or Bakerloo lines

Nor has London Underground done anything to fulfil their promise to give drivers the option to reduce the numbers of shifts they work on a pro-rata basis or to improve professional development or promotional opportunities.

Despite the management spin, the trial of the four day week is far from the central issue in this dispute. That trial has now finished and we want to use the information gleaned from it as a basis to discuss new ways of rostering and giving drivers more options on how their working week is organised to improve work life balance and give the opportunity for more quality time off.

We want to find a settlement to this dispute and will be back at ACAS on Monday. But if management are genuine about finding a resolution then they should acknowledge what the real issues are and work with us to solve them instead of seeking to mislead.

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