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  • Finn Brennan

Dispute with LU. Ballot papers will go out on Monday.

ASLEF are in dispute with London Underground about outstanding items from the 2015 pay settlement. Ballot papers will be sent out from Monday Sept 4th and it is important that members use your vote. The 2015 pay agreement gave guaranteed pay rises in line with, or above inflation over four years. But it also included a number of other elements designed to improve your working conditions. A cap on weekend working: For years, virtually every new timetable increased the amount of Saturdays and Sundays you had to work. The pay settlement included a commitment to “find new ways to resource weekend working from July 1st 2017” so that the percentage of weekend days you are required to work can be reduced. New pro-rata working arrangements: By July 2017 a range of options should have been available to allow those who choose to do so to reduce the number of shifts you work. London Underground management have not implemented either of these commitments. 4 day week working option: Although an initial trial of 4 day week rosters has taken place, this is now ending. But the pay agreement was for this option to be extended to other depots where people wish to do it. It's important to say that this is an option available for those who want to volunteer. No one would have to take part and anyone choosing to keep their current 5 day pattern would see no changes to rostering parameters or duty lengths or other agreements. It is simply an extra option for those who want to do it. LU has not been prepared to allow depots to have this option. More options to improve career development: In the 18 months since the agreement was made, LU has done nothing to improve career development options for drivers. No real progress has been made in allowing drivers to transfer their licences to other TfL operators or to open up other opportunities for drivers within LU. Since the pay agreement was made your ASLEF reps have taken part in over 60 meetings with management trying to resolve the issues. But as deadline after deadline was missed, it became very clear that management were simply stalling and had no real intention of delivering on the commitments they made. That is why we have had to go into dispute and are now asking you to vote to show your support for industrial action. At stake here is a very important principle, ASLEF believe in honouring our word. When we make agreements, we stick to them. If London Underground are allowed not to honour commitments made as part of a pay settlement then all your working agreements and future pay rises will be put at risk.

We know from experience that management only seriously engage and try to find solutions when we can demonstrate the support of our membership. That is why it is so important that you Vote YES and return your ballot paper. With your support, ASLEF will be able to make sure that LU honour their commitments and we will continue to protect and improve your conditions at work.

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