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Still no delivery from LU on pay deal commitments!

As we reported in July, management have continued to stonewall and drag their feet on delivering on the outstanding issues from the 2015 pay deal. Your ASLEF reps have worked hard to try to make sure that all the commitments made are delivered on in full. The Company Council Sub Group (CCSG) dealing with the issues, has met more than 50 times as well as discussions at Director and full Company Council level. Despite the grandiose claims made in management bulletins, the option to work fewer shifts per week and the promised "new ways to resource weekend working" , both due to be in place by July have not been agreed. Nor has anything been done to give drivers "new opportunities to improve personal development". Although a 4-day week roster has been trialled on the Jubilee line, management seem to simply want to declare the trial a "failure" despite the strong support from those taking part and other lines also wanting this option. ASLEF made the 2015 pay deal in good faith and we expect all of the commitments made to be honoured. We can not allow the company to simply walk away from parts of an agreement because it is no longer convenient for them! To try to resolve these outstanding issues, we have formally asked that they be referred to ACAS, but so far managements response has just been more stonewalling.

A report will now go to the Executive Committee's August session. If management are not prepared to finally resolve these issues, then we know that our members will support whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the pay deal is honoured.

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