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100% Yes  vote from  ASLEF Night Tube drivers

ASLEF Night Tube drivers have returned an incredible 100% Yes vote in the ballot over fair access to full time jobs.

London Underground pushed through the recruitment of part time staff to operate Night Tube because they weren't prepared to find a fair way to roster the work with full time staff. Boris Johnson believed that new part time recruits could be used to undermine trade unions and attack conditions for existing staff. How wrong he was !

Instead, these new recruits saw that it made sense to join and get active in ASLEF and have now delivered a huge yes vote to strike.

ASLEF is determined to achieve a fair deal for Night Tube drivers just as we are for every other member. The Executive Committee has decided to give London Underground much longer than the normal seven days notice of industrial action that is required by law, so that there is ample opportunity for London Underground management to reach an agreement with us.

I hope they will take advantage of this opportunity to avoid the necessity to take strike action but if they do not, Night Tube members will strike on Saturday April 8th and 29th.

Congratulations to all who have helped deliver such a stunning Yes vote.

Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser

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