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Talks on Night Tube dispute.

Yesterday, Tuesday March 7th, ASLEF and the other trade union met management to discuss the Night Tube drivers dispute. We explained again that our aim is to find a fair agreement that means NT drivers are not “jumped” on depot waiting lists by new recruits to the grade.

There are a number of people who have been held back from driver training for up to two years and we were clear that these must not be disadvantaged in anyway.

It is good news that LU is carrying out a recruitment program for new drivers as it is clear that there will be a large number of vacancies over the next year. ASLEF want to make sure that part time staff have equal access to vacancies and are not forced to remain in PT time roles indefinitely.

While the discussions were useful, it is important that members vote Yes in the ballot for industrial action and return your ballot papers to make sure we can achieve a fair settlement.

At Company Council level, ASLEF have also raised the lack of promotion and transfer opportunities for drivers to other grades. We welcome the fact that additional customer service manager and other roles are being created, but pointed out that drivers have currently no access to these jobs. This will now be discussed at Company Council sub group (CCSG) meetings so that a process can be agreed that allows for drivers who wish to move to other roles to do so.

Full reports will be given at branch meetings.

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