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Underground drivers deliver massive Yes vote.

ASLEF drivers on London Underground have voted in favour of strike action by a massive 95.2% in our battle to achieve a fair deal on pay and conditions.

Engineering and Test train drivers have also returned huge Yes votes of 91.9 % and 85.2% respectively. All three ballots easily exceed the thresholds in the Tory anti union laws.

Our reps and members can be rightly proud of the work they have done to return such overwhelming Yes votes.

This means we now have a mandate to take action that is valid for the next six months. Our members have very clearly demonstrated their support for their Union in our efforts to get a fair settlement.

The ASLEF Executive Committee decided not to announce any strike dates today. But they will not hesitate to call action at the appropriate time if London Underground do not now move to make an improved offer to settle this dispute.

Talks at Trains Council level will take place early next week after which we will review the situation and report back to reps and members.

Thank you again to all our members who have delivered such a resounding vote to support your Union.

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