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Pay offer update.

Yesterday, Wednesday Oct 25th ASLEF reps from across London Underground met to discuss the pay offer.

The negotiating team explained that LU management were clear that this was their full & final offer and there would not be any further negotiations. 

LU Management say that the funding agreement with the government means they can not improve the offer. They are also not prepared to make a multi-year offer. 

It was explained that the current funding agreement from the government expires on 31st March 2024 and our new pay negotiation would be due to start for next year for a deal from April 1st 2024.

While it is disappointing that London Underground won’t increase the offer this equates to a 13.8% rise over the last 2 year period. 

The final offer is for a “no-strings” increase of 5% backdated to April this year. 

This equates to a salary increase of £3,195 for a full time LU train operator for period April 1st 2023 - March 31st 2024 

The consensus of the meeting was that although the offer falls below our aspirations,  our members should be given the opportunity to have their say on the offer via a referendum. The alternative is long lasting strike action to attempt an increase of the 5% for all grades. (Pay talks on London Underground are not just for drivers, they cover all grades)

Mainline Train Operating Companies have offered just 4%, tied to a huge number of changes to agreements and members have taken around 15 days of strike action so far to try to achieve a better outcome.

Reps at the meeting also pointed out that although some other sectors have seen better offers this year after hard fought strike action, that is after years of pay freezes  or tiny increases.

Strike action at the moment during the government funding period means LU pick up any lost revenue from the government. 

If the offer is accepted by our members we will be submitting our claim for 2024 early in the new year. That means we will be able to keep pursuing the others items in our claim such as improvements to travel benefits and a salary sacrifice scheme for the purchase of electric vehicles that are not yet finalised. London Underground won’t also be shackled by the government funding arrangement after March 31st 2024. 

If the offer is rejected, we will immediately ballot for a series of strikes.

Management have already formally tabled "Trains Modernisation" proposals that rip up every agreement we have built up going back decades and we need to focus and be prepared to defend this major attack. 

Based on the consensus of the meeting, the negotiating team will now report to the national Executive Committee with a recommendation that a referendum of our members is held with a recommendation to accept the offer. 

Please take the time to make the decision and ensure your vote counts. The outcome of the vote will be down to the members. 

Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser.

Gary Comfort

Executive Committee, District 8.

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