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London Underground pay talks update. May 18th 2023.

This afternoon ASLEF and the other trade unions met management to hear their response to our pay claims.

ASLEF want an inflation linked pay rise that protects our members living standards and, in line with our national policy, a reduction in working hours toward a 4-day, 32-hour week.

Our claim also covers increasing the overtime rate, improved promotional opportunities, extending the cycle to work scheme to cover electric vehicles and outstanding issues on travel facilities.


Management’s today rejected a reduction in the working week or a paid meal relief. They claimed both are "unaffordable".

They have undertaken to respond in more details on other aspects of the claim such as the overtime rate and travel benefits.

On pay, they made an initial offer of 3% plus a once off lump sum of £500. They later revised that offer to a pay rise of 3.3%.

This offer falls well below our members aspirations. We know our members want and deserve more. It is below offers we have already rejected on other companies. We can not and will not accept such an offer.

The unions will meet management again next week and we will report to members on any progress made.

There will be a tough battle ahead to get a fair deal on pay and the many other issues we are dealing with.

Please try to attend your local ASLEF branch meetings for detailed updates. Senior reps will be in attendance to report, but just as importantly to listen to the views and concerns of members and discuss the way forward.

Best regards

Finn Brennan

ASLEF District Organiser.

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