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ASLEF LU H&S reps update 06/04/2020

Ad-hoc THSC update

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, today we had another conference call are between LU and Tier 2 H&S Reps were we have raised and discussed the ongoing issues, including new items that are arising. Below is a quick update from today’s meeting.

Staff Taxi’s

Following continued pressure by ASLEF we have today been informed by the chair of THSC that the company have been working with the taxi company to supply one taxi for one member of staff and that this is has been confirmed will take place.

We have asked for the taxi arrangements to be shared with us urgently.

Cab Cleaning

Again management assured us that 100% of the fleet has been cleaned using the Zoono substance and that the correct method of application is being followed, in that the cab is cleaned first with Gaurdisan and then wiped with Zoono using a micro fibre cloth.

We requested visibility of the actual cleaning method statement for all lines that clearly indicates this should take place; they said they would look into this.

We again requested that notification stickers be put applied onto each cab for driver awareness and assurance that the cleaning had taken place with the date and time, this issue has now been referred to a directors meeting to be held on Wednesday 8th April.

We also raised continuous cleaning of cabs after the Zoono had been applied to keep its effectiveness and to keep cabs clean.

We were assured that the normal cab cleaning regime would continue we appreciate there is a lack of confidence in this, management will reply back within 24hrs to confirm this is actually the case.

Tier 1 Machinery

Whilst most unnecessary meetings have been cancelled staff side insisted Tier 1 meetings continue via conference calls as they are vital to local H&S machinery.

We also insisted that quarterly general inspections continue and again management didn’t see an issue but would confirm as soon as possible.

This subject is still being discussed at a high level, we have requested an answer within 24hrs.

Touch point cleaning

· Touch point cleaning guidance and pictorials exist that fleet use and we have requested them for each stock so we can distributed to drivers as this would give some assurance of what in the cab environment is actually being cleaned with the new disinfectant.

Management agreed to include the additional items that we previously requested into the regime and are just finalising one set of documents for consistency across all lines and will share when done.

Hand Gel

Management informed that so far some 4800 bottles had been distributed and still some stock available, they also said that re-ordering should not be an issue, although we suggested this be controlled centrally to stop some locations over ordering and others not getting any.

Booking on points

SHE (formally LU HSE) are drawing up some guidance around this subject to allow for the social distancing requirements in place.

We will share this as soon we receive it.

While ASLEF understand the importance of our role in enabling key workers get to and from work, reducing the risks to our members while undertaking their duties is paramount. The situation is constantly changing; please continue to raise concerns with your local management and H&S representatives.

ASLEF Trains Health and Safety Council

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