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Central line ACAS talks update. Management must comply with Attendance Procedure agreement.

More talks were held at the conciliation service ACAS today ( Wednesday November 11th) on the issues that led to our two days of solid strike action on the Central line.

London Underground have now made a new proposal to resolve this dispute and the negotiating team will report on this to the ASLEF Executive Committee.

The proposal covers;

*Workshops agreed with ASLEF reps to resolve all issues regarding service control including late running, tone, enforced overtime etc.

*Dismissed ASLEF driver; Employment tribunal going ahead and management agreed to review at ACAS with ASLEF.

*Leytonstone redeployed driver will have non TFL assessment and will return to driving if he passes.

*Waterloo & City Line detrainments; a full risk assessment will take place with H&S reps involvement and management will abide by outcome.

*No manager will drive a train except in an emergency consistent with all other lines.

*Attendance At Work procedure section 5.2

All cases, combine wide, that don’t have an underlying medical condition will be closed as per ASLEF’s agreed attendance at work policy.

This will be finalised in a letter to ASLEF this week. This is a major victory for ASLEF across the whole combine. The solid action by members on the Central line and the hard work of ASLEF local and Trains Council reps and your Executive Committee member Terry Wilkinson means that a high handed management team have been forced to comply with agreements made with this trade union. Thanks for your continued support. The ASLEF negotiating team.

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