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November 8, 2019

Some of the key issues discussed at the last Trains Functional Council meeting are below.

LDI Outcomes

Some managers reconvene LDIs, give a verbal decision, and at a later date pigeonhole the letter confirming the outcome. ASLEF argued, successfully, that often the verba...

September 18, 2017

Earlier in the year we balloted Night Tube train operators achieving a 100% yes vote. Following a dispute resolution meeting, the Director responsible responded with a way forward. However, there were a number of points we wanted clarification on and these were done an...

May 9, 2017

Following a Movements Committee meeting and a number of subsequent Management meetings, it has now been confirmed that the first 4 Night Tube train operators will go full-time on Sunday 21 May. Following these transfers, further transfers to the other depots will follo...

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